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ReStore Reopening and Aptos Times Article

We are so excited to announce the limited re-opening of our ReStore locations in Seaside and Santa Cruz!

A recent Aptos Times article by Jondi Gumz describes our move to an online store model during the past few months of shelter-in-place. Read the full article here.

Our online storefront will still be shoppable, and will soon be integrated with the store inventory so items will be synced in both locations. As you plan your shopping trip, please keep the following guidelines in mind, for the health and safety of you and our staff:

  1. No cash accepted, ApplePay only

  2. Face masks required

  3. Must stay 6 ft away from other customers and staff

  4. No staff help with unloading

  5. Not accepting fabric couches or seating, clothing or cloth items, bed frames, drapery or window treatments, used toilets, items that are dirty or dusty

  6. Donors must unload their items into the receiving area

  7. Donations must first be approved by a staff member before unloading (no unsupervised "drop offs")

Thank you for your patience as we made our way through the conversion to an online store, and now to our safe reopening. Happy Memorial Day weekend, and we hope to see you in the stores soon!

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