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 Join our Board of Directors 


Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay is poised for future growth with a solid financial foundation, an experienced Board, committed
volunteer base, and top tier brand recognition.

Help build strength, stability, and self-reliance! Join other Board members as we help guide the organization towards its key strategic goals:

  • Increase the footprint of Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay

  • Build organization strength and resilience

  • Elevate advocacy and community engagement

Desirable Qualities

A strong dedication to Habitat for Humanity’s mission.

Effective communication skills, including listening, articulating ideas clearly, and advocating for Habitat for Humanity's mission. 

Time and commitment to attend and participate in monthly Board Meetings, annual retreat, and to join at least one committee.


Commitment to attend and promote Habitat events.

Collaboration with staff and other Board Members, networking in the community, and providing counsel in areas of expertise.

Contribute to fundraising efforts, whether through personal
donations, soliciting donations, or leveraging personal and professional networks.

Familiarity with region, building industry, local government.


  1. Attend new board member orientation.

  2. Attend and participate at board meetings: 11 meetings a year on the 4th Wednesday of each month, with a few exceptions.

  3. Participate on at least one committee.

  4. Attend and promote Habitat Events, such as Galas, Dinners, Auctions, etc.

  5. Attend Board Retreat(s).

  6. Represent Habitat in our community.

  7. Make a personal gift annually.

  8. Provide counsel and advice in areas of expertise.

  9. Support staff in carrying out Board policies and activities.

Application Process

Interested parties should email Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay CEO, Satish Rishi.

Qualified applicants will receive an invitation to apply.  

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