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On Feb. 3rd, Habitat welcomed two new first-time homeowner families to Rodeo Creek Court at their Home Dedication!

On Saturday, February 3, 2024, we hosted a home dedication ceremony and celebration at Rodeo Creek Court, our eleven-home development in the Live Oak neighborhood of Santa Cruz. We welcomed Sierra, Taj, Amani, and Aurora to their home as well as Jona, Allie, and Layne to theirs. It was an emotional day indeed. We asked the families to share some thoughts about becoming homeowners, and Jona was not able to get through her talk without tears. Both families expressed their deep gratitude for the construction crew, the Habitat Board and staff, and all the donors and volunteers who helped build their homes. Sierra shared how hard it had been for them to find affordable stable housing in Santa Cruz. It is something we hear from many of the families we serve - they have moved around a lot and finding housing they can afford in this area seemed impossible. Our goal is to make the impossible possible for local families.

We were grateful to have local government officials in attendance. Thank you to Santa Cruz County Supervisor Manu Koenig and City Councilmember Sonja Brunner for joining us. The land for this project was donated by the County, so it was a great honor to thank Manu in person and in turn, for him to meet the families. Sonja has been a major supporter for Habitat, including volunteering on the construction site and helping build the homes.

Family and friends of the new homeowners joined us and celebrated as well. Refreshments were served, hugs shared, tears shed, and it was truly a day of joy and hope!

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