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Giving Tuesday - Help Sierra and Taj build their family's home Donate to Habitat for Humanity today!

We all deserve a decent place to live...

This Giving Tuesday, Nov 29, please help Sierra & Taj and their children build their home.

Sierra and Taj are like many people in our Monterey Bay community - they would love to own a home here, and until Habitat came into their lives, it seemed completely out of reach. They are currently renting a house with poor insulation, leaky windows, a rotting bathroom floor, and mold in the children’s bedroom.

We all deserve a decent place to live.

They are excited to move into their home at Rodeo Creek Court (RCC), Habitat’s current housing development in Live Oak, Santa Cruz, in the Summer of 2023. Their children have already made friends with other kids at RCC and they can't wait to see the garden and playground that is being built.

We need your support to make sure their home is ready.

Habitat homes take time, sweat, and the support of the entire community to be built - Your contribution will directly support construction at RCC and the families that live there. Help make sure that Taj, Sierra, and their two young children have a safe place to live and build their solid foundation.

“Getting our Habitat home feels like finally standing on solid ground."


To hear Sierra and Taj tell their story, watch this 3 minute video

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