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Meet Jenny, Shelby, and Abby, who are moving to their new home in June of 2023!

Jenny (mom), Abby (15), & Shelby (13) lost their housing in the CZU fires of 2020. After being evacuated for six weeks, they learned that due to smoke and property damage, in addition to soil and water toxicity, it wasn't safe for them to move home. Jenny had always wanted a place in town and it seemed out of reach economically until she learned about Habitat. In June, they will be moving into their home at Rodeo Creek Court, Habitat’s current housing development in Live Oak, Santa Cruz.

Jenny was looking for a community she could feel connected to and she says getting her Habitat home is finally making that happen. "You get to see your home come to life in front of you, get to know your neighbors, and build alongside each other.” She says that doing the sweat equity required to get the home has been wonderful - she loves being a part of the RCC community.

To hear Jenny share what her Habitat home means to her, watch her three-minute video

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Tom Stewart
Tom Stewart

Thanks for sharing your life's story Jenny, it warmed my heart and reminded me why volunteering for Habitat is good for everyone involved, all the very best to you & your family in your new home.

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