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Help Secure a Family's Future

A Brazilian immigrant, home health aide, and mother to her teenage son. A working widow looking to re-establish her independence. An electrical engineer turned floor installer. A mature student at Community College.

There is no profile of a “typical” Habitat homeowner, volunteer, or renter. Dirlei Barauna, Margie Ackerman, Abel Fernandez, and Rachael Beard each have a unique story, a unique path that led them to Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay. Whether through jobs or friends, for family or personal development, people are drawn to our work of uplifting people and communities by building affordable, decent, beautiful homes. And we can’t do this vital work without you.

No Habitat story is the same. But every Habitat family shares the same two things: a desire for housing security and that essential need being met thanks to donors like you. Everyone has their own reasons for contributing to Habitat’s mission of providing affordable and safe housing to the people of Monterey Bay. But your collective generosity brings so many—homeowners, volunteers, families, neighbors, communities—together in an invaluable network that benefits everyone.  

With your generous gifts, we can continue uniting people from all walks of life under this crucial cause.

Your generosity impacts the community immeasurably. Give to Habitat today and support individuals and families making the dignity of homeownership and the kinship of a neighborhood accessible to all with dreams of calling Monterey Bay home.

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