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Seaside ADU Programs Update

A recent Monterey Herald article by James Herrera describes the City of Seaside's ADU programs, including the partnership with Habitat, which is still in development.

After receiving eight proposals for its Accessory Dwelling Unit demonstration project, the city of Seaside has selected Workbench, an architecture and construction company owned by a woman based in Santa Cruz to provide designs for ADUs on two city-owned sites.

“We are very excited about this project and its goals, and believe it could serve as an example for similar cities statewide,” said Jamileh Cannon, Workbench founder.

Seaside’s “Prototype Accessory Dwelling Unit Program” will create two side-by-side demonstration ADUs including a site-built unit and a prefabricated unit. The intent is to open the prototypes up to the public so residents can compare the design and building methods of both homes. The city then intends to make the architectural plans available to homeowners free of charge. The aim is to make building ADUs simpler and more economical. Building fees for ADUs will be waived and a dedicated water allocation set aside. When completed, the project will have the benefit of creating four new very-low income rental units.

Seaside has a second accessory dwelling unit program in the early stages of development.

“The proposal from Habitat for Humanity Monterey Bay to build ADUs for low-income homeowners is still in the works but contract details are requiring additional time before this item can be scheduled for review by the city council,” said David Foster, Seaside housing program manager. “No date has been set yet for that hearing.”

But with its Prototype Accessory Dwelling Unit Program off the ground, Seaside stands to be the Monterey Peninsula city with the most effort invested in pursuing a greater share of additional housing in existing residential neighborhoods.

Workbench said Seaside is taking some huge, very commendable steps toward making ADUs more feasible for the community.

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