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A treasured car gets a new life

Habitat's Cars for Homes program is all about love. Recycling an older car and giving it some love not only helps the environment, but proceeds of its resale go directly toward building local Habitat homes. A lot of our vehicle donors tell us they've held onto their non-working cars, trucks, and motorcycles for so long because they love them too much to just get rid of them. But when they find out that we care about their vehicles, and that they can help a family in need, they are very happy to donate them! Here's a story of a well-loved car that helped build a home at Rodeo Creek Court in Santa Cruz:

"The 1996 Subaru I just donated to Habitat She never had an accident. She never stalled on the freeway. She was old and limpy but when she hit the Pacific Coast Highway she turned up the radio and fairly flew across Bixby Bridge and around Hurricane Point. She was a lady of the streets, from the mean boulevards of the Bronx to the wide open spaces of Montana, from the swampy marshes of New Jersey to the windy dunes of Maine. She was at home on Caribbean beaches and on the shores of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, from Atlantic to Pacific and on to the San Juans. She crossed the Rockies so often she can't remember, but 15 or 20 times would be a good bet. When the other fancy sport cars struggled up the snowy dirt roads of Vermont she chugged right past them. She got old. It happens to all of us. On the outside she might have looked okay, but don't look too close. Her insides were all shot, her flabby tires sagged, the spark went out of her batteries. Finally they hauled her away on a tow truck. But I can see her now, up there, higher than she ever was before, racing down the Interstate, her antennae flapping in the wind. She hopes those lights up ahead are the neon of Las Vegas. She's not sad anymore. Eight months in the dark of Covid had almost robbed her of hope. But this is a new beginning. She's ready for anything."

Thank you so much to our Cars for Homes donors! Learn more about donating your vehicle here.

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