Applications Open

Habitat is currently accepting applications for 3-bedroom, semi-detached homes in the Live Oak neighborhood of Santa Cruz.

Begin the application process by completing the following steps. 

Read Program Guidelines

  • These guidelines outline the basic criteria needed for applicants to qualify for Habitat Monterey's Homeownership Program. Click the "Guidelines" button below. 



Attend an Orientation

  • Orientation is a free, 40-minute class that covers everything you need to know about partnering with Habitat and is held once monthly during the open application period. 

  • The Orientation will be closed a few minutes after the listed start time and new attendees will not be admitted. Applicants who were not able to attend must re-register for another meeting. 


Complete the Pre-Application

  • Applicants can submit a pre-application via email to or by mailing or dropping off completed packets to our office at:

    108 Magnolia Street
    Santa Cruz, CA 950652


  • Pre-applications confirm that your household meets basic program guidelines, which include income, U.S. Legal Residency, and confirmation of first-time homeownership.

For more information, visit our Homeownership FAQ's